Cricket Click Dialer

Cricket Click Dialer

Stop Wasting Time Dialing by Hand & Get More Sales in Less Time!
Click any phone number on your screen and it is instantly dialed!

Choose your Price per Seat:

$59 per month

Pay month to month

$566.40 per year

Pay yearly, save 20%

Truly Unlimited Calling to USA & Canada
No telephone lines required. Display any 10 digit Caller ID you wish.

When you reach a live person, you hear them say "Hello" and can speak to them immediately. If you reach a voicemail or answering machine, you'll have several options for leaving messages. You can move from call to call very quickly. You can change your Caller ID to any 10-digit American or Canadian phone number you wish

Works with any web based CRM, such as: SalesForce, Zoho, and SugarCRM

No dropped calls!
No phone line needed!
Try it for Free!
Free Trial

For a $10 discount off the first month,
use Coupon Code: Queen

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